Edyta Ołdak

A graduate of Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts (Painting Department), the founder and chairwoman of the Association " based in Warsaw". She aquaints inhabitants with the city through the implementation of the projects. An author and coordinator of several educational projects, including: Grand Architecture and Colors of Impaired Vision, Sound Museum or Sound Orchestra of Invisible Instruments, Mursk / Ładne in Color, Machine to..., Olęder's traditions and Modern Space Planning. An author of articles for publication, issued by the National Cultural Centre. A scholar of the Ministry of Culture in 2007.

Paweł Heppner

A specialist in contemporary media, scholar of Polish Film Institute, a cinematographer and music composer of the independent film, webdeveloper, webdesigner, an author of training courses. He looks for solutions to the various sources of signal processing on an universal code that allows you to manipulate any image, sound and text. He has got an extensive experience in transmitting live video e.g. projects for Copernicus Science Center. He has developed technology and implemented the project: instrumentyludowe.pl by recording the sound database of the instruments and the creation of web applications, and solutions to composing music through the processing of information collected by sensors sensitive to movement.

Karol Kołbyk

An active pedagogue, streetworker, coordinator of the daily support facility, coach, educator of adults, a PhD student at the Faculty of Pedagogy at the University of Warsaw. He worked as a manager at Raiffeisen Bank Poland SA, cooperates with NGOs and local governments in terms of social prevention. A founder of the "Educational workshop", which trains in a range of streetworking.

Artur Puszkarewicz and Anna Puszkarewicz - Kotowicz (AZE design)

AZE design duo project was founded in 2006 in a small village near the border with Belarus. Studio presents a wide spectrum of project activities as design, development and implementation of industrial products to the cooperation of local handicrafts for creating objects with unique techniques. They are focused on creating a utilitarian graphics, scenography and architecture. The designers of the studio often engage in cooperation with cultural institutions conducting activities with youth, inspiring and pushing for a critical look at reality. Some projects are implementing under their own brand name, which is active in the socially engaged design, working with socially excluded and long-term unemployed people. Their design path refers to a conscious design. An inspiration for them is ordinary life and everyday situations.

There will be new, modernized versions of old games and backyard plays which sometimes will go beyond the literal interpretation. Traditional games will be an inspiration, "new games" more or less free interpretation.