The players (2 teams, from 5 to 7 members in each team) draw a pitch of about 40 m, with the center line that divides the pitch for "hell" and "heaven". "Heaven" also has a semi-circular "nest", i.e. a place for knocking out the ball. For the game apart from the ball (preferably tennis ball) you need a stick, so-called: stick-ball for knocking out the ball. The ball is knocked out by the players of "heaven", one after the other. The ball is knocked out when the player knocks out the ball to himself/herself and when he/she hits the ball with the stick-ball. The player knocks out so that the ball will get across to the "hell". After knocking out the ball, the player puts the stick-ball to the "nest" and runs towards the center line and returns or in the direction of the line of the "hell" and comes back (then he/she gains more points). In the meantime, the players of the „hell” catch the ball and hit back to the "nest". If at that time the running player of the "heaven" is in the "hell" then he/she is transferred to the the "hell" team. If he/she stops on the central line, then he/she waits for the other player who will knock out the ball and runs with him/her (in the direction of the „nest”).

The players of the "hell" can change the field and become the players of the „heaven” when:

  1. they will catch the ball off the ground, which is thrown by the players of the "heaven"
  2. will hit the ball of a running player of the "heaven"

It is worth to choose the judge in the game for counting the points. One point is for running the section: the „heaven” line – the center line – the „heaven” line. There are two points for running: the „heaven” line - the „hell” line – the „heaven”.

There will be new, modernized versions of old games and backyard plays which sometimes will go beyond the literal interpretation. Traditional games will be an inspiration, "new games" more or less free interpretation.