Pikor play

Pikor is a sharpened stick put in the ground. One of the players stands with his/her stick close to Pikor. The rest of the team stands holding the sticks in their hands about 15 steps from Pikor. The players, at the signal, hit their sticks toward Pikor and run in their directions in order to grasp them. During this time, the person who stands close to Pikor tries to touch with his/her stick one of the players. If he/she succeeds, then the person "beaten" stands close to Pikor. Note ! If during the trial of hitting at one of the players with a stick, the other player hits with his stick at Pikor, a standing person close to Pikor repeats his/her turn, and once again he/she becomes a guard of Pikor.

There will be new, modernized versions of old games and backyard plays which sometimes will go beyond the literal interpretation. Traditional games will be an inspiration, "new games" more or less free interpretation.