The game involves skillful crossing through all the drawn fields, jumping over there on one leg. The game requires only several people. The first group of the players throws a stone or a small piece of glass on the first field, jumps on it, raises the piece of glass and jumps through all the other fields and back. The player jumps on peasant's "hands" and "head” with both legs. Another task of the player is to return to the “head", make a turn in the air and then come back. The winner is the person who was the first to jump all fields. "Miss" (skucha) takes place at two points in the game: when you touch the ground while the other foot jumps or when you throw a piece of glass on the line between the fields. The player who misses waits out a queue.

There will be new, modernized versions of old games and backyard plays which sometimes will go beyond the literal interpretation. Traditional games will be an inspiration, "new games" more or less free interpretation.