Jumping rope

There are different techniques of leaping on jumping rope, eg: run skips, criss-cross, with both feet, or on one leg. A jumping person jumps and says the rhyme: "Pan Sobieski miał trzy pieski: czerwony, zielony, niebieski” (Mr. Sobieski had three dogs: red, green, blue). At the end of the rhyme the person throws the jumping rope behind herself/himself and tries to estimate the distance to the rope. It is measured by: elephant steps, normal steps and small steps. She/he turns around and heads in the direction of the rope counting as many steps as she/he marked out. If the person will touch with the last step the rope – then she/he wins.

There will be new, modernized versions of old games and backyard plays which sometimes will go beyond the literal interpretation. Traditional games will be an inspiration, "new games" more or less free interpretation.