Hali halo

The players choose a place where there is a lot of elements (rather a yard, not a glade). One of the participants holds a ball and runs the game. He/she chooses an object from the environment and says the formula:"Hali halo, in this place something is burning beginning with .... (and he/she gives the first letter of a selected object)". The player gives a chance other players to guess the name of the object. He/she throws the ball to the first participant and the person returns the ball, others do the same thing. The leader does not disclose who guessed the word which he asked before. He/she throws the ball and says, "Hali halo, in this place something is burning (and speaks the name of the object which was a mystery)". The players run in different directions and the person who guessed the name of the object has to catch the ball. After catching the ball he/she calls: "stop". Then the players stop themselves. The leader makes a basket with hands (hands intertwined with fingers and stretched forward) and the person who caught the ball says aloud the distance from the leader, such as 3 elephant steps, then he/she measures the designated steps. Now the player is closer to the leader and it is easier to throw the ball into the "basket" (made with hands). If the player hits in the basket then he/she will become the leader, if he/she misses then he/she has to answer for a riddle which was created by others.

There will be new, modernized versions of old games and backyard plays which sometimes will go beyond the literal interpretation. Traditional games will be an inspiration, "new games" more or less free interpretation.